College of Forestry


WBC IAB Spring Meeting 2024 - New Research Proposals

Provide valuable feedback and rate your level of interest for New Research Proposals.

Q-01-HI: Identifying Adhesive Bondline Quality to Improve Cross-Laminated Timber Performance Research Proposal
Q-02-PR: Preliminary investigation of the potential for sorbitol-citrate modification to function in North American wood species and improve strandboard and plywood durability and dimensional stability Research Proposal
Q-05-NA: Using thermally modified wood for manufacturing mass timber elements with improved dimensional stability Research Proposal
Q-06-SC: Artificial intelligence integrated near-infrared hyperspectral imaging for rapid prediction of percent wood failure (PWF) in laminated wood products Research Proposal
Q-07-RI: Vibrational and stress-wave methods for rapid and cost-effective assessment of veneer-based mass timber elements Research Proposal
Q-08-LE: Optimization of log conditioning and peeling process and online monitoring of veneer surface roughness by cost-effective sensory framework for producing high-quality veneer and wood products with enhanced properties Research Proposal
Q-09-NE: Enhancing Coating Performance on Profiled Medium-Density Fiber Boards (MDF) Research Proposal
Q-10-SC: Characterization of post-consumer wood waste for incorporation in wood-based panels Research Proposal
Q-11-PE: Robust Fire Test Method for the Performance Evaluation of Wood-Based Composites Research Proposal
Q-12-FR: Simple Cross-Laminate Adhesive Durability Test Research Proposal
RFP-24 (Special Project): Understanding Elevated Temperature Response of Wood and Wood Composites Research Proposal